For SOG Corporation, making shoes is a family tradition. Tracing its roots to four generations of "shoemakers", SOG takes pride in its solid foundation in the craft and in the business.

SOG Corporation was founded by Manuel Samson in 1985 as a manufacturing corporation for OTTO shoes. But it was decades earlier when the Samsons first ventured into shoemaking.

Beginning even before the Second World War, the Pascuals and their in-laws, the Samsons, were already in the shoe business. Greater strides were made, however, when Vicente Samson and his wife, Lucena Pascual-Samson built their own shoe empire in 1967 carrying the Stork brand.

The brand was eventually changed, consequently giving birth to OTTO brand. Under the able stewardship of Vicente's son, Manuel, the OTTO brand grew from a single store in Pasig employing 5 people in 1979 to a nationwide network of 63 stores as it provides jobs to more than 300 employees and subcontractors.

Known for its durability and quality, the OTTO brand introduced such innovations as the metal bulldogs and the carasole, or carabao hide footbeds. It also popularized local versions of Indian moccasins, penny loafers, and wooden clogs during the 1980's.

Today, the OTTO brand under the SOG Corporation continues its tradition of craftsmanship and innovation with new store concepts, new designs, and new products for the OTTO retail outlets as well as the OTTO World of Shoes stores, as it carries on Manuel's vision of providing quality footwear for all walks of life.

The SOG manufacturing facilities are located in two modern factories in Antipolo with a combined area of 18,249 square meters. Currently, it is capable of producing 126,000 pairs of men's shoes, 110,000 pairs of women's shoes, 70,000 pairs of children's shoes, 228,000 pairs of sandals, and 636,000 slippers annually, aside from other accessories and materials used for manufacturing footwear.

Included among its top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment are: E266 MOD -Six Stations, Desma Vulcanizing machine, Sole jointing and injecting machine, Plastak injection moulding machine model HL30 plus accessories, Injection machine, Plastic injection machine, Desma machine, Mixing mill model ML2-3, Desma vulcanizing presses 203, G.F.P. Perforating machine model 500 D1 plus accessories, Moulding machine with 16 stations, Pelleting reproductive equipment, Hydraulic Press, Automatic plastic shoe molding machine, Shoelast machine, 3T Vario-OUT Special, Sole edge grinding machine, Auto sole edge grinding machine, Scrap skiving machine with accessories, Automatic sole cutter M/C, Toe lasting machine, Conveyor.

Housed inside the facility are sub contractors included in its Housing Program - one roof divided into 10 different small shops, awarded to 10 loyal and skilled laborers that produce 5000 pairs per week.


Manuel P. Samson
Founder and President
Norma T. Samson
Myrna C. Basco
Operations Manager
Twinkle T. Samson
Branch Network Manager
Jay Carlos
Human Resources Manager
Estella R. Domingo
Finance Manager
Philip N. Luna
IT Manager